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Last friday I applied for my Indian visa at the embassy of India in Ankara. Thursday I can pick up my passport and hit the road again. I’m staying with some great guys whom I met on couchsurfing. One of them is a rider too and made a trip to Azerbaijan and Iran this summer. Their blog is at My bike is safely parked in the garage here next to two Aprilia Pegaso 650. Coincedentally these bikes have the same Rotax engine as mine! We did a little maintenance saturday but besides that we’ve been watching movies, going out and playing videogames. I like it! Also I’ve had the time to edit and upload some videos from the last few weeks! Here they are:

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Conquering the famous Stelvio

Conquering the famous Stelvio

November 9, 2012  |  Switzerland  |  4 Comments

November 5, 2012


Switzerland is beautiful! I’m wondering why I would ride ride all the way to Singapore when it’s so pretty not far away from home. Oh yeah, I don’t have a home, or a job. I’m taking a detour to the Stelvio pass. Eloquently described by Jeremy Clarkson as ’15 miles of asphalt draped on an alp’. Read More