Bike, mods and luggage

Bike, mods and luggage

October 26, 2012  |  Bike


My bike is a BMW F650GS from ’00. I bought it in May, 2012 especially for this trip. It had about 9000km on the clock, by now that’s 16.500km, most of that kilometres are from a weekend trips to South England and Germany. The bike is reliable and economical. It should get around 4L/100km (58 MPG) although I never got anywhere near that number. More like 5l/100km (47 MPG). Maybe that’s due to my driving, it lacks a bit of power so I really have to step on it to keep up with the 600cc racers that my friends have. It’s important that the bike is reliable cause I have two left hands. Fuel consumption is another big factor taken into account that I will ride it 25.000km to Singapore.







To make life a bit easier I have a Loobman chain oiler. I fill it with chainsaw oil and with one press of a button it lubricates my chain with 2ml of oil.


When I was in England for a weekend trip my radiator started leaking. After installing a new radiator my dad made some protection in front of it so it won’t happen again.








The windscreen had to be adjusted otherwise my navigation wouldn’t fit and hit it when turning. It can be highered or lowered although I usually leave it in it’s place since I don’t really feel any difference between the various positions.



To take everything with me I have two 36 litres aluminium ARO Adventure Panniers. They’re waterproof and come with a lock. One pannier I use for my camping stuff (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, stove) the other one for tools/spares and some other things. On the front side of the panniers are two 3 litre jerrycans (one for water, the other one for fuel) attached and a 1 Litre bottle of chainsaw oil is attached on the back of one of the panniers.











On my tank I have a Wolfman Rainier Tank Bag. It’s not really a tankbag cause the tank on a 650GS is beneath the saddle (to lower the centre of gravity) but you catch my drift. It’s 17 litres and can expand to 20 Litres. I also have shoulder straps to convert it to a backpack. How about that! I use the tankbag to store small stuff and things I need to have within reach (money, paperwork, camera).






For my clothes I use a Ortlieb Motorcycle Rackpack. It’s 49 litres and also waterproof. I strap it across my panniers on the back of the bike







2 comments on “Bike, mods and luggage

  1. Miranda on said:

    Hey Rocco,
    I was just reading about the equipment, dut now i was just wandeling, where do you keep tour food? Or are you planning bot to eat?

  2. RoccoMathijn on said:

    Eating is cheating!

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