Visa and Carnet de Passages

Visa and Carnet de Passages

October 27, 2012  |  Paperwork

This is by far the least entertaining aspect of preparing an overland trip. The paperwork takes a lot of time and might even seem overwhelming. You also have to time everything right. If you apply too early the Visa will be expired before you even get there. If you apply to late you can’t leave. The visa for Pakistan has to be applied for in your home country and requires an Iranian visa and maybe even an Indian visa. is THE website to go when planning a overland trip. These are just my $0.02

Visa fee €50
Letter of invitation (I waited seven weeks on this,, 55€)
Visa application form (2)
Pass photo (1)
Copy of passport

Visa fee €72
Pass photo’s (2)
Application form
Letter of invitation (This took two days,, 50€)
Copy of the first pages of the Carnet the Passages
Copy of the Iranian and Indian visa
Bank statement
I attached a letter with my plans and itinerary and why I didn’t had any flight tickets booked
Copy of passport (2)

Visa fee €63
Bank statement
Visa application form
I attached a letter with my plans and itinerary and why I didn’t had any flight tickets booked
Undertaking (statement that you go as a tourist to India)
Pass photos (2)
Copy of passport
I used CIBT for this visa which costs an additional €42,50 + 2 x €20 for certified mailing of my passport

Carnet de Passages
The Carnet de Passages is like a visa for your vehicle. You need this document to travel through Iran, Pakistan and India. It gives these countries the insurance that you’re not importing your motorcycle there and if it’s stolen that you’ll take care of all the paperwork. The ADAC arranges the Carnet de Passages. There is a €300 fee for non-members and €200 fee if you’re a member. I quickly signed up with the Dutch ANWB (€17 a year) to take profit from this €100 discount. It seems like a lot of paperwork that you have to fill in but it’s really not that hard. Motorcyclists need to leave a €3000 deposit for the Carnet de Passages. I arranged this with the Dutch Rabobank. They just block a savings account of you with the €3000 on it. They ask a €120 service fee for this. It took around three months from the beginning of the application until I had my Carnet de Passages. You can probably do it in two months if you just pay the deposit to the ADAC. It also saves the €120 service fee. I’m not sure why I did it this way.

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