Conquering the famous Stelvio

Conquering the famous Stelvio

November 9, 2012  |  Switzerland

November 5, 2012


Switzerland is beautiful! I’m wondering why I would ride ride all the way to Singapore when it’s so pretty not far away from home. Oh yeah, I don’t have a home, or a job. I’m taking a detour to the Stelvio pass. Eloquently described by Jeremy Clarkson as ’15 miles of asphalt draped on an alp’.
I take the Umbrailstrasse from Switzerland to Italy. The Umbrailstrasse takes me to the second half of the Stelvio pass. The first half is closed because of the snow. But when I look down the second part I see it’s also covered with snow and ice! There are roadsigns with pictures of snow chains and other warnings. I park my bike along the road and think about what I’m going to do. Going back the Umbrailstrasse into Switzerland or just take the road down the Stelvio. Although it’s a big detour I decide to go back to Switzerland. I get on my bike again and try to get on the road but I’m stuck in the snow! A helpful Italian guy in a small car with his wife and kids sees me struggle and helps me out. He tells me there’s only 3 kilometers of snow on the Stelvio. He goes down there too without snow chains. If he can do it, I can do it too. What follows is a slippery ride which is better be told by a video.

I arrive in Milan at my friend Jurjen, his uncle Hendrik, a clothing designer and his roommate Angelo. They’re very generous and cook the best dinner!

4 comments on “Conquering the famous Stelvio

  1. BMWDubble on said:

    Rocco, je blog wordt steeds leuker om te lezen, ook omdat ze langer worden.
    Ik hoop dat het je gaat lukken om je visum tijdig te regelen, anders heb ik viavia misschien wat familie van kennissen die je in Teheran zouden kunnen helpen. Laat maar weten als dat nodig mocht zijn.

  2. Rocco Mathijn Andela on said:

    Thx! Ik ben nu in Ankara, gisteren hier mn visum aangevraagd. Als het goed is krijg ok mn paspoort met visa donderdag terug!

  3. Geweldig Rocco, hoe jij de avonturen beleefd ;-) ! En altijd fijne mensen om je heen ! Tof man en heel dapper ! Ik blijf je verhalen lezen: erg leuk ! Nog rottige dingen meegemaakt ?

    Groeten, ex-collega Evert :)

    • Rocco Mathijn Andela on said:


      Alles goed? Laatste maandje als Dotter? ;)

      Geen rottige dingen eigenlijk. Alles gaat voorspoedig! Snel weer een blogupdate.


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