Wild camping!

Wild camping!

November 12, 2012  |  Croatia

November 10, 2012

It takes me a while to pack up my tent. I see my chain is a bit loose so I get some tools and adjust it accordingly. It takes me a while to get on the road again. I drive to Rijeka and from there I follow the Croatian coast to Dubrovnik. The coastal road is amazing! The weather is beautiful, not to hot but still warm. It’s the first day I ride without heated grips.


As it get’s darker my Garmin leads me away from the coast and into small villages with lot’s of half-build and abandoned houses. I’ve never seen anything like it. I search for a grocery store and buy a few bears and a can of beans, my food for the night. I learned from a few days before that it’s difficult to find a nice place to wildcamp when it’s dark so I start searching a bit earlier. I find a nice place in a field behind some trees and wait until it’s fully dark to set up my tent. It only takes me fifteen minutes now. I grab my stove and make instant coffee. As I grab the can of beans I realize I don’t have a can opener. I think of what I can use to open the can and then I remember that my dad shoved the very last minute, a multitool in my bag. That’s on of those things I think that you don’t know you’ve missed until you got one.

All the time I hear dogs barking and think that will be the farmer who’s looking for me to send me off of his land. I feel very uncomfortable and in silence I’m trying to hear if the barkings get any nearer. After a few hours I’m trying to rationalize the situation. If someone was looking for me he would have found me by now. I tell myself to man the fuck up and go to sleep.


One comment on “Wild camping!

  1. Marjory on said:

    Hi Brother,

    Do I have to write English? Or do you still know some Dutch words? Haha I’m not good at this stuff.
    Very nice photo of the coastline with your Bike! After a while you get used to it ‘camping in wild’ maybe you will sleep immediately.

    Maar goed in ga nu maar even in het Nederlands verder, dat klinkt/leest waarschijnlijk een stukkie beter. Leuk om je verhalen zo te volgen heel veel succes verder, en kom maar op met al die leuke foto’s en filmpjes. Was erg leuk/spannend dat filmpje van je trip door de sneeuw.

    Groetjes Marjory

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