The pearl of the Adriatic

The pearl of the Adriatic

November 12, 2012  |  Croatia

November 11, 2012

I wake up at 06:00 and in just half an hour I packed up my bike and I’m riding again. Day two of the Croatian coastal road. I take it easy and even go for a quick swim in the Adriatic, which is a bit cold in November.

Late in the afternoon I arrive in Dubrovnik. I’m stunned! This city is beautiful! And I never even heard of it. I check in at my hostel and at night I walk to old town. There’s a fence at cliff with padlocks all over it. I ask a passing girl what’s it for. They’re lovelocks she says. Lovers are pledging their love for each other by placing a padlock and then throw the key in the ocean. It’s pretty cool. The rest of old town is amazing. I forgot to bring my camera so I’ll just have to stay here another night because I can’t leave this place without taking some pictures.




November 12, 2012

In the morning I go to old town again to take some pictures. In the afternoon I grab my bike and search for a beach to chill and write a bit. I set up my bike at the parking, greet a guy who just came from the direction I was heading and search for the beach. I can’t seem to find it but the the guy I passed earlier comes back and says he will show me the way. He introduces himself as Bob and he leads me trough bushes and down some rocks to a really nice place at the water between the cliffs. He just came from here and tells me te water is nice for having a swim and if I would want to join him. I tell him I’m not going for a swim, I just want a nice quiet place to write. I thank him for showing me this place and he tries to hold up some awkward conversation. After a while he leaves. I sit down and start writing. After half an hour or so I get up and there I see Bob again coming down the rocks. ‘Yeah I just thought I would come down here for another swim.’ Well ok Bob, whatever floats your boat. He strips butt naked and jumps in the sea. I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable but I try to have an open mind and just get on with writing. In two minutes he’s back and tries to have another conversation. This time with his man parts dangling all around. This is way too far out of my comfort zone. I pack up my stuff and say: ‘Well Bob, it was nice to meet you but I have to go!’

2 comments on “The pearl of the Adriatic

  1. Melanie on said:

    Hahaha, die Bob!
    Maar hey, heb je onze Pont des Arts in Parijs niet gezien ofzo?!! Die is vooool met slotjes van romantische stelletjes!! Volgens mij is dit ook de eerste plek waar dit idee ontstaan is.. :O Naja, volgende keer maar de stad bezoeken met een ‘echte’ Parijzenaar :P . Lars en Olaf weten er natuurlijk niks van ;) .

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