July 16, 2013  |  India

At the border of India I met two guys from Czech Republic. They rode all the way in a Volkswagen van. We decided to ride to Amritsan together and share some stories and tips.


We found a nice guesthouse in the Lonely Planet and after a one hour ride or so and passing an elephant(!) in a traffic jam we arrived at the courtyard of the guesthouse. To my suprise a saw the familiar green cover of Daniels motorcycle. After 3 days we coincidentally reunited again! At night we enjoyed the easy-to-get booze with the czech guys and two girls from Denmark


Our first stop after Amritsan was Chandigarh. Completely different than the rest of India. A very clean and broad city with some crazy architecture which involved a lot of concrete




After sightseeing in Chandigarh for a few days we went into the mountains and the real fun began.




First river crossing! It was totally unnecessary but very fun if you like wet feet. I´ve got some great GoPro footage of Daniel getting more than his feet wet …


After playing and hiking in the mountains for a few days we went down to Haridwar. A holy place where the Ganges comes out of the Himalaya.


Next stop Delhi. Once out of the mountains the traffic was a mess. Daniel had to brake for an animal on the road and a car smashed into one of his cases. We spend a week in Delhi so he could fix his motorcycle. There’s some nice stuff to see in Delhi but you have to look hard.





After Delhi we stopped in Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Puskar and Udaipur. After this we split up because my visa was about to expire and I had to go to Nepal. On the way to Nepal I stopped in Allahabad and Varanassi.












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